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High Reliablility Medical DC/DC Converters

P-Duke Technology

25 במאי 2024

New Medical Grade 3”x1.5” Open Frame 50W AC/DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE has expanded its medical grade open-frame power supplies portfolio with the addition of the new MAD50 series, ranging from 15W to 450W. The series features a compact 3"x1.5" footprint and delivers 50W continuous output power, with a peak power function that allows the power supply to deliver up to 140% of rated output power for 5 seconds. It is designed with a high conversion efficiency of up to 92.5%, enabling full-power operation from -40℃ to +55℃ ambient temperature without derating or forced air cooling. With forced air cooling or output power derating, the MAD50 series can perform up to +85℃. The universal input voltage range is 85-264Vac (120-370Vdc), and outputs are available from 5Vdc to 53Vdc, with output adjustability of -10% to +10% or -20% to +10%, depending on the output voltage. 

The MAD50 series offers full protection against output short-circuit (continuous, automatic recovery), over-load (hiccup mode, automatic recovery), and output over-voltage (latch mode). It also integrates an EMC filter that complies with EN 55032, class B for conducted and radiated emission. With 2xMOPP (means of patient protection), 4000Vac/ 1 minute reinforced I/O insulation, and less than 100μA patient leakage current, it is suitable for type BF applied part medical applications. The allowance of 5000m operating altitude and certification to IEC60068-2-27 (Mechanical shock) and IEC60068-2-6 (Vibration) broadens the application limitation in rugged environments.

The MAD50 series prioritizes patient safety through the use of high-quality components and excellent thermal management, providing highly reliable power supplies for a variety of medical applications, such as pulse oximeters, handheld ultrasound devices, mobile C-arm systems, ambulatory infusion pumps, handheld ECG monitors, and more.

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